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    An arrow rest is key to ensuring a safe shot that stays on target. At Field & Stream, you’ll find arrow rests from trusted brands like Trophy Ridge®, QAD®, New Archery Products®, TRUGLO® and more.

    Field & Stream carries the two most popular types of arrow rests available today: the fall-away/drop-away rest and capture/containment rests. Check out our Buying Considerations for more information on how you can choose the arrow rest that’s right for you, plus make sure to browse our entire assortment of archery accessories.

    Buying Considerations

    At Field & Stream, you’ll find the two most popular types of arrow rests:

    • Fall-Away/Drop-Away Rests: The arrow sits in a notch between two prongs. When the arrow fires, the prongs fall away, allow the fletching to clear with no contact.
    • Capture/Containment Rests: These rests, like the popular Whisker Biscuit, encircle the arrow on at least three sides to hold it securely in place. Keep in mind that the fibers on a Whisker Biscuit can wear out your fletching over time.