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    Field & Stream has a wide selection of boat seats and seat mounting accessories that will deliver reliable performance season after season. This marine seating equipment is built to stand up to the harsh environments of the sea, including salt water corrosion, sun exposure and temperature changes. Built for performance and comfort, our stock of marine seats will provide you with the support you need for an extended active voyage. We also have a selection of durable mounting hardware that can provide a stable base for the unpredictable boat movement in rough conditions. Find the pedestal kit, seat swivel or other hardware you need to go after the biggest open water catches with confidence. Choose from seats ideal for use at the helm, navigation or captain's position in a range of back profiles.

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    Fishermen, sport hunters and leisure boaters alike rely on quality seating to keep them out on the open water longer. The right seating option can even prove to be a worthwhile investment, greatly decreasing the pressure on your lumbar area and helping to ensure you can spend more days at sea in comfort. Our extensive selection of seating supplies is built to give you all the options you need for getting the most out of every adventure. Every marine seat in our assortment features a sturdy interior or exterior frame to provide secure and stable seating at sea. Our premium seating options are crafted with corrosion-resistant components such as aluminum tubing and stainless steel fittings. Folding seats are a good fit for a wide variety of vessels, helping to conserve limited space with their compact profile. A camouflage fishing seat is an outstanding option for mariners who rely on low visibility when hunting down a big catch. We carry multiple patterns so you can more closely match the backdrop of your fishing or hunting environment. Seafarers who require added back support can select a high-back seat, and anglers can add visibility with a boat seat pedestal or upgrade the mobility of their position with swiveling boat seat mounts.