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    Learn More About Bow Releases


    Adding a bow release can be one of the quickest ways to improve your accuracy. Archery releases allow for minimum contact with the bowstring, making the bow more accurate. You’ll find a great selection of releases at Field & Stream. Choose from the best brands, like Tru-Fire®, Scott Archery®, T.R.U. Ball®, TRUGLO® and more.

    There are a few different types of bow releases available at Field & Stream:

    • Wrist Releases: Wrist-style releases feature a strap that loops around the wrist and fastens with a buckle or hook-and-loop closure. The shooter uses the index finger to trigger the release mechanism. Choose a padded wrist strap for optimum comfort.
    • Handheld Releases: Handheld releases, the t-shaped devices also known as finger or thumb releases, are a popular choice for competitive target shooters but can also be effective on the hunt. Shooters hold this type of release with two to four fingers, typically using their thumb or pinky finger to trigger the release mechanism.

    Releases may also have a back tension feature that will release the string once it reaches a certain angle as you pull back. These features allow for a “surprise break,” which helps increase accuracy by reducing “trigger panic.”

    After you choose your bow release, check out our entire selection of archery accessories to get everything you need for the season.

    Buying Considerations

    While Velcro® straps are great for target shooting, some hunters prefer the buckle strap because Velcro® can be noisy—potentially giving away your location to game.

    Also, consider packing an extra back-up release on your hunt, especially if you use a handheld bow release that could get dropped and left behind.