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    Increase the effectiveness of your bow by adding sights from Field & Stream. Choose sights from the top brands, including TRUGLO®, Trophy Ridge®, Apex Gear® and G5 Outdoors®. You’ll find what you need for your hunting style, whether you prefer one-pin sights or a multi-pin design.

    Check out our full selection of archery accessories to make sure your bow is ready to go this season.

    Buying Considerations

    There are several factors to consider when buying sights for your bow, including:

    • Number of Pins: Multi-pin sights allow you to line up your shot at different distances. A three-pin sight for example, might have pins for 20, 30 and 40-yard shots. Other hunters prefer one-pin sights, as they simply set the pin at a preferred distance and make the necessary adjustments before shooting.
    • Visibility: Make sure your sights will stand out in the dim light of dawn or dusk. Field & Stream offers fiber-optic sights and other illuminated options to help you line up a great shot.
    • Pin Size: While you certainly want your pins to be visible, you don’t want them to interfere with your view of the target. That’s why micro-fine .019-inch pins are the most popular choice at Field & Stream.
    • Windage/Elevation Adjustments: Make sure the sights are easy to adjust. Most sights allow you to move the pins up and down for elevation adjustments, or unscrew the pins to account for windage.