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Crossbow Arrows

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    Learn More About Crossbow Arrows


    Whether you’re a bow hunter or a competitive shooter, you’ll find the arrow or crossbow bolt you need at Field & Stream. Choose from the most trusted archery brands, like Apex®, Allen®, BloodSport®, Easton®, Barnett® and more.

    Match your arrow or bolt with our great selection of fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads, and check out our wide assortment of archery accessories to get everything you need.

    Buying Considerations

    There are several factors to consider before buying an arrow or bolt. Focus on the following to make sure you get the right fit.


    • Size: Arrow size, or “static spine,” refers to how much an arrow bends when an 880-gram weight is suspended from the center of the arrow. The amount of flex, measured in inches, is then multiplied by 1,000. That means an arrow with a size of 330 bends .33 inches.
    • Length: Arrow length is measured from the bottom of the knock groove to the front of the arrow, not including the tip. For safety, your arrow should extend 1 – 1.5 inches beyond the arrow rest.
    • Straightness: Arrows will have a “straightness” factor between ± .001 inches and ±.006 inches. The lower the number, the straighter the arrow. Arrows with a straightness between ±.001 inches and ±.002 inches are often considered “pro grade.” However, an arrow with a straightness of ±.006 will be perfectly adequate for most hunters.
    • Weight: You can find the appropriate arrow weight for your bow by taking your draw weight and multiplying it by five. If your bow has a 60-pound draw weight, you’ll need an arrow that weighs at least 300 grains. Typically, you’ll want an arrow weight that five to nine times your draw weight.


    While crossbows of the past strictly shot “bolts”, most modern crossbows can shoot the same arrows you use with your compound bow. And, most of the same rules above apply for crossbows, especially when it comes to choosing an arrow weight. Never go below the minimum suggested weight—not only it is unsafe, but doing so can also void the warranty on your crossbow.

    Quick Tips

    Leave arrow cutting to the commercial arrows saws. You might be tempted to do it yourself at home but, unless you have the right equipment, you could destroy arrows fibers and make the arrow unstable.