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    Learn More About Crossbows


    Field & Stream carries a great selection of crossbows from top brands like Barnett®, TenPoint®, Wicked Ridge®, Horton® and Bear Archery®. Choose from compound and recurve crossbows, with firing speeds up to 400 FPS and draw weights as high as 185 pounds.

    Keep your crossbow on target by adding bow sights or a crossbow scope, and don’t forget to pick up essential archery accessories like arrows and bolts, broadheads, string accessories and more.

    Buying Considerations

    There are two main types of crossbows on the market: compound crossbows and recurve crossbows.

    Compound crossbows are more popular with most hunters because they provide more power than recurves and include a cocking mechanism that makes them easier to draw. Their compact design is ideal when hunting in tight spaces.

    Recurves are a great option for beginners. They are largely maintenance-free and easy to fix if there is a problem. They are also quieter than compounds.

    Power may be the most important factor when choosing a crossbow. A draw weight of approximately 150 pounds is typically recommended for hunting deer-sized game.

    Speed is also key. A velocity of 300 FPS should be enough to take down any big game animal.