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    Increase the chances of success on your next big game hunt with deer and elk calls from Field & Stream. Bring elusive prey into range with the most popular calls, including grunts, bleats and bugles. Choose from top hunting brands like Primos®, Flextone®, DUEL Game Calls® and more.

    Buying Considerations

    There are primarily two kinds of big game calls available at Field & Stream: deer calls and elk calls

    Deer Calls

    Deer calls can be broken down into the following categories:

    • Grunt Calls: Most grunt tubes allow you to mimic a variety of sounds that deer make throughout the season. With a little practice, you can create realistic social, tending and dominant buck grunts that will get the attention of the most cautious deer.
    • Bleat Calls: Doe and fawns will use the bleat call as a social or locator call. Fawn bleats appeal to a doe’s maternal nature and tend to be effective all season, while standard doe bleats will attract bucks throughout the rut.
    • Rattle/Antler Calls: Use rattling calls to create the sounds of two bucks brawling in a literal head-to-head battle. The sounds of rattling antlers can travel long distances and attract a crowd.

    Elk Calls

    The most popular elk call is arguably the bugle call. The bugle call is used to challenge a bull and bring him in range.

    At Field & Stream, you will also find elk calls specifically designed to mimic cow sounds—an effective tool you can use to create chirps, mews and alarm barks.