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Fishing Reels

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Whether you’re going for bass at your local lake or trolling the deep sea for a trophy, you’ll find the reel you need at Field & Stream. Browse reels from the best fishing brands, including Shimano®, Shakespeare®, Abu Garcia®, Quantum and more.

At Field & Stream, you can easily match your reel with your skill level, fishing destination and target species. Choose from:

  • Spincast Reels: Ideal for beginners, these reels feature a simple design that feeds line through a port on top of an enclosed spool. You just click the thumb button to release the line and make your cast. If you need a reel for a child, go with spincast or check out our kids’ fishing poles.
  • Spinning Reels: Effective and easy to operate, spinning reels are a popular choice among experienced and casual fishermen alike. Spinning reels are great for long casts with lightweight and live baits.
  • Baitcasting Reels: Preferred by many experienced anglers, baitcasting reels are built for heavier lures and large fish.
  • Fly Fishing Reels: Cast your pattern perfectly with our great selection of fly fishing reels from top brands like Redington®, St. Croix®, Sage® and our own line of Field & Stream fly reels.
  • Ice Fishing Reels: Built to withstand harsh cold-weather conditions, our selection of ice fishing reels will help you present your bait like a pro.

If you’re heading for the sea, check out our full line of saltwater reels specifically designed for marine conditions.