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    Shop this incredible collection of top-quality fly fishing reels from Field & Stream and find the perfect match for your rod. Choose from industry-leading brands like Redington®, Sage® and Waterworks Lamson reels.

    Fly fishing is an amazing sport and pastime. There's nothing quite like spending a day in nature by a picturesque stream, majestic river or a still coastal inlet.

    In addition to being a sport, fly fishing is very much an art. With these high-tech fly reels and a premium rod, you'll have fantastic control over your lure. Precision-manufactured from state of the art materials, with one of these impressive models you'll have a reel that is expertly engineered to endure life in the wild. Cast easily and reel in one to remember.

    Experience smooth, even drag as you capture a wily fish. You'll have many wonderful fishing trips with these fine products.

    Buying Considerations

    How to Choose a Fly Fishing Reel

    Every single fly reel sold at Field & Stream is made to meet high standards. That being said, there are some major and minor differences in these well-made models. Buying the right reel for your fishing style is very important. Ask yourself the following questions before making your choice:

    • What size fly reel should I have? It's imperative that you match fly reel weight with fly rod weight. If you have a 5-weight fly rod, look for a reel that holds fly line weights between 4-6. Choose your line weight based on the type of fish you're after, and the amount of control you wish to have. Heavier line is stronger, but less controllable.
    • What type of drag system should my fly reel have? Drag is usually what separates expensive and inexpensive reels. If you're planning to fight large game fish, look for a high-end drag system to get the job done. You can plan to spend less on fly reels for more common applications, like trout fishing, where drag is less critical.
    • What size arbor should my fly reel have? Large-arbor fly reels allow for faster line-retrieval and more consistent drag, a significant advantage when saltwater trophy fishing. If you're fishing for a lighter species, a small-arbor reel will help your rod stay balanced.

    Choose an automatic fly reel for single-hand operation. Standard reels are more popular, unless you need a free hand.

    Select a pre-spooled reel and be all set to attach it to your pole and hit the river. Pre-spooled reels come loaded with quality fishing line.

    Looking for extra line? Discover highly rated options in the line, leader & tippet section at Field & Stream.

    Quick Tips

    Since ancient times, anglers have looked for every little advantage they can get. There's no magic way to ensure a catch, but some of these ideas may help. Make the most out of your fly fishing trip with these tips:

    • Know Your Fish: Make sure you select the right kind of fly to attract a bite and have sufficiently strong line to reel them in.
    • Wade Carefully: If you kick up too much debris, it may wash downstream and scare approaching fish.
    • Try Fishing in Fast Water: In faster moving water, fish have less time to examine your pattern, and will be more likely to chomp on it before it floats away.
    • Talk to Other Fishermen: Anglers don't always like to give up their secrets, but older locals will have a wealth of information about their favorite locations.