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    Field & Stream is your home for essential fly-tying materials and tools. Find everything you need to tie realistic flies at home. Choose from the best brands, including Superfly®, Umpqua®, Loon Outdoors® and more.

    Shop must-have fly-tying tools, including vises, scissors, and bobbins. Choose from a variety of feathers, thread and dubbing to match any hatch, or go with a fly-tying kit to cover all your bases.

    Make sure to check out our entire selection of fly-fishing gear to get everything you need for your next day on the water.

    Buying Considerations

    There are a few tools you must have if you plan to tie your own flies, including:

    • Fly-Tying Vise: The vise holds the hook in place while you tie on materials. Consider a vice with jaws that can hold a variety of hook sizes.
    • Fly-Tying Scissors: You’ll want scissors specifically made for the art of fly tying—they will make the job much easier. Choose scissors sharp enough to cut through a variety of materials and nimble enough to allow you to get close to the fly.
    • Bobbin: This tool holds your thread or floss in place. Look for bobbin that can hold standard-size spools while providing adequate tension control.