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Game Calls

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Bring your prey within range with the great selection of game calls from Field & Stream. You’ll find calls for every season. Choose from:

  • Waterfowl Calls: Field & Stream offers a variety of duck calls and goose calls from great brands like Buck Gardner®, Primos®, and Duck Commander®. Choose from single-reed and double-reed designs, and select the construction that works best for you—we offer wood, acrylic and poly-carbonate styles. Get the perfect volume, pitch and tone for your next waterfowl hunt.
  • Deer & Big Game Calls: Bring in a deer with a bleat, grunt or rattle call, or get an elk’s attention with a proven bugle call.
  • Turkey Calls: Bag a bird with a box, slate or diaphragm call.

You’ll also find a great assortment of small game calls as well as calls for predator and varmint hunting.