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    Hunt comfortably from your blind all season long with a hunting chair, seat or stool from Field & Stream. Choose from great brands like Ameristep®, Mossy Oak®, Big Game® and more.

    When you’re hunkered down in the blind for long periods of time, it is common to become sore and fatigued—especially if you’re sitting on an unforgiving surface like a lawn chair, your turkey vest or just the cold, hard ground. A quality hunting chair can extend your time in the woods and ensure you don’t head home early and empty-handed.

    Set up your new hunting chair in one of our top-selling hunting blinds and get ready to take more game.

    Buying Considerations

    One key factor to consider is the weight of the chair or stool. Even though it’s a worthwhile investment that will keep you more comfortable, it is an extra piece of gear that you will have to carry. Look for a lightweight model that you can easily transport to your hunting spot.

    Make sure the chair has the features you need—quality cushioning and waterproof protection, to name a few.