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    Spend less time drilling, more time fishing with dependable ice augers from Field & Stream. Plow through the thickest ice with augers from the brands you trust, including ION®, Eskimo® and Clam®. Stay traditional with a hand auger, or get a boost of power with an electric, gasoline or propane ice auger.

    You’ll also find the accessories you need. Get added drilling depth with an ice auger extension, and keep your unit sharp with replacement blades.

    Don’t forget to check out our entire selection of ice fishing essentials. Catch more fish this season with a new rod, reel or ice fishing combo. Protect yourself from the elements with a weatherproof ice fishing shelter, and stock up on ice fishing accesories like tip-ups and more.

    Buying Considerations

    Do you need a manual auger or a power auger? The information below will help you make the right choice.

    • Hand Augers: Hand-operated augers provide several benefits: They are affordable, dependable, lightweight and clean. If you only fish a few times a year, or if you tend to fish on thinner ice surfaces (less than 12 – 14 inches), a manual auger will serve you well.
    • Gas Auger: Gasoline-powered augers are built to cut through the toughest, deepest ice. With the increasing availability of four-stroke engines, they have become more convenient by eliminating the need to mix the gas with oil.
    • Propane Ice Augers: Propane augers match the power of gas but produce less noise and odor, making them increasingly popular with hard-water anglers.
    • Electric Augers: While not as powerful as gas or propane, electric models offer the lightest, cleanest and quietest performance of all power augers. Just make sure your battery is fully charged before heading out. Consider bringing along a back-up battery to be safe.