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    Catch more fish this winter with ice fishing rods from Field & Stream. Whether you’re going for panfish, trout or monster pike, you’ll find the ice rod you need here. Choose from proven brands like 13 Fishing®, Fenwick®, Shakespeare® and more.

    Match your rod with the perfect ice fishing reel, and don’t forget to pick up essentials like an ice auger, shelter and ice fishing accessories.

    Buying Considerations

    Consider the following before making the final decision on your ice fishing rod:

    • Power: Power may be the most important factor. Go with ultralight for panfish, light for perch, and medium – medium-light for most trout, walleye and whitefish. Choose heavy if you’re chasing aggressive pike or lake trout.
    • Action: Ultra-fast and fast-action rods bend in the tip, medium-action rods in the middle and slow-action rods towards the base. Ultra-fast and fast-action rods provide optimum sensitivity to detect strikes, and they are strong enough to pull in feisty fish. Consider fast action when fishing jigs and other artificial baits. Medium-action rods also work very well on the ice, especially with live baits like minnows.
    • Construction: The two most common types of rod materials are graphite and fiberglass. Graphite is popular on the ice because of its lightweight design and sensitivity, along with the strength to handle big fish. Fiberglass is a bit more resistant to freezing temperatures, and its flexible strength allows for solid hooksets.
    • Line Guides: Simply put, more line guides means better performance. You’ll be best served by a rod with four or more. Look for lightweight guides that won’t add unnecessary weight.
    • Length: Most ice fishing rods on are between 22 – 28 inches in length. Go shorter for better control and maneuverability, or choose a longer rod for added forgiveness and control.
    • Handle: You’ll primarily find two types of handle materials at Field & Stream: cork and EVA foam. Foam is comfortable and forms to your grip, but it does have the tendency to hold water. Cork is a popular choice as it provides solid feel and helps keep your hands warm.