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    Bring your bird within range with a turkey call from Field & Stream. Whether you need a box call, pot call, mouth call or locator call, you’ll find it here. Produce perfect yelps, purrs and gobbles with calls from brands you know and trust, like Primos®, Zink®, Hunter’s Specialties® and more.

    Plus, get everything else you need for your next turkey hunt, like turkey decoys and ground blinds, or head to your local Field & Stream store to pick up a new turkey shotgun and all the ammo you need.

    Buying Considerations

    There are several types of turkey calls available at Field & Stream:

    • Box Calls: As the name implies, these calls feature a hollow box with a paddle attached on a swivel point. You hold the base of the call and move the paddle across the top opening to create sounds. Box calls are great for mimicking a variety of hen sounds. Be careful, though, as box calls are almost impossible to operate if they get wet.
    • Pot Calls: Also known simply as “slate calls” or “friction plates,” pot calls typically feature a slate, glass or aluminum striking surface affixed to a hollow pot. You move the included peg/striker—typically made of wood or plastic—against the striking surface to produce hen sounds.
    • Mouth (Diaphragm) Calls: Mouth calls feature a latex “reed” that is stretched across a horseshoe-shaped frame. You place the call on the roof of your mouth and push air over the reed to make sound. The obvious benefit of the mouth call is the hands-free design, but it can take time to master
    • Gobble Calls: Simply put, these calls recreate the sound of a gobbling tom. For most models, you simply shake it to make the intended sound. They tend to be very easy to use and serve as an effective locator call.

    You may want to carry multiple calls with you to make sure you’re prepared—go with a combo call to make sure you’re covered.