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    A well-placed turkey decoy can mean the difference between bagging a bird and going home empty handed. Lure in that tom with turkey decoys from Field & Stream. Choose from top brands you can trust, like Avian-X®, Flextone®, Primos® and more.

    Get everything you need for turkey season at Field & Stream, including ground blinds , turkey calls and a great selection of shotgun chokes.

    Buying Considerations

    There are a few different strategies you can employ when setting up your turkey decoys:

    • The jake and hen combo is a popular and effective option, as many dominant gobblers can’t stand the sight of a young turkey near a female. The dominant gobbler will often come over to chase the jake away from the hen, possibly giving you a clean shot. If you can only carry one decoy, go with the jake.
    • The strutter decoy is another popular way to bring in big, dominant toms looking for a fight, but keep in mind that it may scare off timid gobblers and jakes.
    • An all-hen setup is an effective way to bring in jakes and subordinate toms.

    Quick Tips

    Err on the side of caution and keep your decoys concealed when you’re carrying them through the woods to avoid catching the eye of an over-eager hunter. Consider packing them in a blaze orange bag.