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Airsoft Guns


Shop this large selection of airsoft guns at Field & Stream and find the right weapon for your needs. Whether you're a veteran of countless competitions or a novice who just enjoys the occasional target practice in the backyard, you'll appreciate the attention to detail that goes into these professional-grade designs. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of simulated combat with guns for airsoft from this line. With great teamwork, you'll achieve victory on the battlefield.

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Buying Considerations

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an airsoft gun from Field & Stream. Different courses will have different rules concerning gun type and power. Check with your local club and make sure your weapon meets their standards. Guns from this line are available in both rifle and pistol designs. Most players are going to want the higher power and firing rate of an airsoft rifle. Generally, airsoft pistols are used as backup weapons, or in extremely close indoor combat, where the size of a rifle may make reacting to an opponent difficult.

When you're separated from your group, behind enemy lines, you need a trusty airsoft weapon. Shop this impressive selection today, and find the right gun for you. From realistic military simulations, to reenacting historical battles, or just shooting tin cans in the backyard, these designs are up to the task.

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Still trying to find the right airsoft gun? Check out the guns with the highest customer ratings. Our top-rated airsoft guns include:

  • Crosman' Stinger R37 Airsoft Gun (Clear)
  • Colt' 1911 Airsoft Gun With Laser (Clear)
  • FNH USA' FN Scar-L Airsoft Gun
  • Firepower' M48 Airsoft Gun (Black)
  • Walther' P99 Airsoft Gun (Black)