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Protect Your Passion With A Trusted Bow Case


Your bow was likely a big investment. Protect it when driving to the stand, flying to an out-of-state hunting destination or storing it in the offseason with a trusted bow case from Field & Stream. We carry a great selection of cases from the best brands, including Plano�, Allen�, GamePlan Gear� and more. Whether you shoot a compound bow , crossbow or recurve bow, you�ll find the case you need here.

Choose a hard- or soft-sided case based on your needs and preferences, and don�t forget to check out our entire selection of premier archery gear.

Buying Considerations

Choosing a bow case will often come down to personal preference, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • If you often hunt in wet weather, consider buying a waterproof case to ensure your bow stays protected.
  • If you travel by plane to reach a far-away hunting destination, you�ll want a case with dependable locks.
  • Make sure the case has adequate padding that leaves no room for your bow and accessories to rattle around.
  • Consider a case with a built-in arrow compartment to keep your arrows from getting dinged and bent.