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Buy The Right Broadhead At Field & Stream


Hunters know that a broadhead can make the difference between bagging a trophy and going home empty handed. At Field & Stream, you�ll find a premier selection of fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads for your hunting tradition. Shop the brands you trust, including Rage�, G5 Outdoors�, New Archery Products� and Muzzy�.

There are two major types of broadheads on the market today: fixed-blade and mechanical.

  • Fixed-Blade: Known for their cut-on-contact dependability, traditional fixed-blade broadheads feature stationary blades that extend from the tip to the back of the broadhead. Hunters count on fixed-blades to cut through the tough hides of elk, bear and other big-game animals. You will likely need to sharpen your fixed blade broadheads after repeated use, though some allow you to purchase replaceable blades.
  • Mechanical: The blades on mechanicals fold into the body of the broadhead and do not deploy until they make impact. This feature allows mechanicals to fly straight and true like a field point. If you make a good shot, the impact from a mechanical broadhead is devastating.

Whether you shoot a compound bow or crossbow, at Field & Stream, you�ll find the broadhead that will keep you on target all season long. Make sure to check out our entire selection of archery accessories to get everything you need for your next bow hunt.

Buying Considerations

There are a couple of other important factors to consider before purchasing broadheads:

  • Weight: Broadheads with a weight of 100 grains are a popular choice for carbon arrow shooters, but go with 125-grain broadheads if you shoot aluminum arrows.
  • Cutting Diameter: Cutting diameter is a key factor in penetration. A broadhead actually loses its ability to penetrate as the cutting diameter gets larger. The more compact the cutting diameter, the more penetration.
  • Leading Edges: Broadheads will have either a chisel tip or cut-on-contact tip. Chisel tips are strong and durable, with the ability to drill through bone. Cut-on-contact edges slice through tough skin for maximum penetration.