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Pelican 1040 Micro Case
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Pelican 1040 Micro Case


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Learn More About Dry Bags

Dry bags from Field & Stream will keep your gear, gadgets and clothing from getting soaked. Choose from top brands, including Dry Pak', Advanced Elements', geckobrands' and more. There's something for any adventure, from a waterproof bag that will save your smartphone should it fall overboard, to a watertight backpack that will protect your clothing from a downpour as you trek up to that secluded campsite.

Browse an assortment of products, including a dry pack for wear on your body while you're in transit, and dry boxes that are ideal for storing power tools and rustable items on the deck of your boat.

Stay safe on the water with life jackets & safety equipment from Field & Stream.

Don't get caught in a downpour with nothing to protect your gear and apparel. A multi-day camping trip can become a disaster if you run out of dry clothing on day one. With waterproof sacks from Field & Stream, you'll have something to change into once the storm passes. Shop this impressive collection and discover a range of different sizes and types of dry bags.

While on the boat, place your cellphone or tablet in an appropriately sized bag. Should your gadget fall in the water, it will be spared from destruction.

Larger bags meant for storing a day's worth of clothing are ideal for longer trips at sea, or camping, fishing or hunting expeditions in the wild. Kayak down that raging river, and keep your clothing and gear dry as you tackle a set of challenging rapids. Make sure you have a dry pair of boots and socks for the journey back to the car.

Explore the natural world in premium canoes & kayaks from Field & Stream.