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Betts Blue Cast Nets
    Betts Blue Cast Nets

    $89.99 - $129.99

    Land Your Fish With Nets From Field & Stream

    Product Selection

    Secure your catch with the great selection of fishing nets available at Field & Stream. Shop nets from top brands like EGO�, Beckman�, Frabill�, Eagle Claw� and more. Choose from the most popular types, including:

    • Landing nets
    • Casting nets
    • Seine nets
    • Baitwell and dip nets
    • Catch-and-release nets

    Get everything you need for your fishing tradition when you shop our vast assortment of fishing gear and apparel.

    Buying Considerations

    Keep the following factors in mind before purchasing your next fishing net:

    • Type: Landing nets are used to bring fish into the boat or onto the shore. Baitwell and dip nets are used to scoop live bait out of a tank or bucket, while casting nets and seine nets allow anglers to catch many baitfish at once. Catch-and-release nets are specially designed to protect fish, leaving them unharmed as they are returned to the water.
    • Netting Materials: Nylon is popular because it is lightweight and resistant to UV rays and damage from hooks, and coated nylon provides even more protection. Rubber has properties that help protect fish, making it ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Knotless nets are another favorite among many anglers.
    • Handle Length/Material: Length often comes down to preference; some anglers like to reel the fish in close and land it with a short-handled net, while others prefer a longer handle to reach out and grab the fish�especially in deeper water. Get the best of both worlds with a telescoping handle that will let you adjust the length to fit your needs. Aluminum, fiberglass and wood are the most popular handle materials.
    • Hoop Size, Shape & Net Depth: Choosing a hoop size and shape comes down to what species you are targeting. A size of 11x15 inches with a depth of about a foot is standard for trout, while big game fish will likely require a size as large as 34x30 inches with a depth of approximately four feet. The �teardrop� is the most common and versatile net shape.
    • Mesh Size: Consider mico-mesh when fishing for small, delicate fish. For larger fish like walleye and bass, a mesh size of about an inch should get the job done.

    Quick Tips

    Keep your net close at hand by choosing a net with a lanyard and clip.