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Great Ground Blinds From Field & Stream


Stay concealed in the field with a ground blind from Field & Stream. We carry blinds from the brands you trust, including Ameristep', Comfort Zone', Muddy' and more.

There are several advantages to using a hunting blind:

  • They are easy to set up; many are ready to go in less than a minute.
  • Ground blinds are lightweight and portable, allowing you to quickly change hunting spots.
  • If you're teaching children how to hunt, ground blinds are a great option as they give kids the freedom to move around a bit.

At Field & Stream, you'll also find a great selection of waterfowl blinds and accessories as well as comfortable hunting chairs and stools.

Buying Considerations

Before you buy your next ground blind, consider the following key factors:

  • Size: Pay attention to the size and layout of the blind to make sure it meshes with your hunting style'some will require you to shoot from a sitting or kneeling position, while others are tall enough for standing shots. Also, some blinds are better suited for bows than rifles and vice versa, so make sure you get what you need.

  • Windows: Make sure you can see out of the blind in all directions. You don't want game to slip out of range before you can even take a shot

  • Camo: Make sure the blind you choose has a camo pattern that will blend in with your hunting environment. Many ground blinds feature all-purpose camo patterns, but you'll want to make sure you won't stand out and spook game. Also, blinds will often have features to help you 'brush it in' with the surroundings, like loops to attach sticks, leaves and more.

  • Scent Control: Consider a blind with built-in scent control'don't be surprised when a deer or turkey walks right past you without suspecting a thing.

  • Shoot-Through Screens: For added concealment and convenience, consider a blind with shoot-through screens; these replaceable screens allow you to shoot at game without opening any windows, helping you stay hidden.