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Whether you�re getting ready for the hunt or you just want a closer look at nature, you�ll find the game camera you need at Field & Stream. Trail cameras provide incredible insight into how animals behave in your area. At Field & Stream, you�ll find a wide range of cameras from top brands like Browning�, Sandisk�, Bushnell�, Covert�, Primos� and more. Get the features you need�choose from multiple megapixel counts, flash types and shutter speeds and make sure you never miss a moment of the action. Plus, check out essential trail camera accessories, like mounts, memory cards and more.

Looking for more? Shop our selection of action cameras and hunting cameras from the best brands, including a great selection of GoPro� cameras.

Buying Considerations

Get a handle on the following terms before making your purchase�it will help make sure you get what you need:

  • Megapixels: This refers to the number of pixels in your camera�s sensor. Basically, the more pixels, the better the image.
  • Flash/Illumination Type: The most common type of trail camera flash is infrared (also called IR). Infrared cameras do not produce a flash, helping to conceal their presence from game. There is also �black flash� and �black LED� which help to further hide the camera from curious creatures.
  • Trigger Speed: Refers to the amount of time it takes the camera to recognize movement and snap a photo.
  • Illumination Range: This is the distance at which the camera can detect game and still shoot a photo. You may see the term �detection range,� which refers to the range during daylight hours, while �flash range� refers to the nighttime photos.

You may want to consider a camera with video-recording capabilities to get an even closer look at game, as well as a time-lapse feature that you can set to shoot photos at specific times of the day.

And don�t forget batteries! They may be included, but double check to make sure. You don�t want to pull your new camera out of the box only to realize you can�t turn it on.