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Yukon Charlie's Adult Sherpa Snowshoe Kit
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Yukon Charlie's Adult Sherpa Snowshoe Kit

$129.99 - $149.99

WAS: $139.99 - $149.99*



Trek through the toughest winter conditions with men�s snowshoes from Field & Stream. Whether you�re looking for a cold-weather workout or you just need a way to navigate snowy terrain, you�ll find the footwear you need here.

Match your new snowshoes with our warmest winter boots �go with insulated, waterproof styles for the best performance. You�ll also want comfortable, moisture-wicking socks�you�ll find plenty of great options in our collection of hiking and outdoor socks.

Check out our entire selection of men's clothing to get everything you need to protect yourself from the cold.

Buying Considerations

All snowshoes share three features:

  • Frame and Deck: This is what allows the shoes to �float� on the snow. Shoes with a larger deck will allow you stay on top of the snow more than those with smaller decks. Heavier users may want to choose a larger deck to help stay on top of the snow. Smaller decks, however, are easier to control and may be perfectly adequate on hard, packed-down snow.
  • Bindings: These hold your foot to the shoe and are designed to fit virtually any type of footwear. They help align your foot above the main traction of the snowshoe.
  • Crampons: Another name for the cleats that provide traction, crampons will vary depending on what the snowshoe is intended for, whether it�s for flat, rolling or mountain terrain.

While snowshoeing is a relatively safe task, you should always be prepared when you head out. Bring along a backpack with a few extra layers of clothing, plenty of water, and an emergency food stash. If you�re trekking through unfamiliar territory, bring along a detailed map.


What are snowshoes used for?

Snowshoes allow you to continue your favorite outdoor activities in wintry conditions. Snowshoes are often used for trail walking, hiking, backcountry exploring or running. They are designed to distribute your weight evenly across deep snow to keep you from sinking.

What are snowshoes made of?

There are two main types of snowshoe construction. Aluminum frames with synthetic decking material and solid composite shoes. Composite tends to be more compact and better for packed snow or icy conditions. Aluminum-framed shoes tend to float better in deep powder, but tails can be attached to composite shoes to assist in floating.

How can you determine which size snowshoes to buy?

Size is determined by user weight, including gear. Generally, the heavier you are, the larger the snowshoes should be.

Are there differences between men�s and women�s snowshoes?

Size is the main difference, as women tend to be lighter than men. Women�s snowshoes are more narrow to prevent women from stepping on the insides of the frames.

What accessories do you need for snowshoeing?

Gaiters help to keep snow out of your boots, and trekking poles provide additional balance on uneven terrain or ice.

What footwear should you wear with snowshoes?

Snowshoe bindings are designed to accept most types of footwear, ranging from athletic shoes to snowboard boots. Snow boots or hiking boots are ideal.