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Paintball Guns


Browse this impressive selection of paintball guns at Field & Stream and take home the firepower you need to achieve victory at your next battle. Whether you're a paintball enthusiast who spends every weekend competing in tournaments or just the occasional hobbyist who enjoys the adrenaline rush of simulated combat, you know the importance of carrying a trusty paintball marker. With paintball guns for sale from this collection, you'll have no trouble finding a durable product for your playing style and needs.

Manufactured by some of the industry's most popular companies, these guns for paintball are designed to be lightweight and accurate, offering a high rate of fire while rarely jamming. If you're pinned down and help isn't close by, you'll have to shoot your way out. Increase your odds with a premium paintball gun from this line.

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Buying Considerations

Though all paintball guns from this collection at Field & Stream are quality-made weapons, there are a few things to keep in mind while you make your purchase. Novices who are primarily playing with other beginners might want to start with a paintball kit that includes protective headgear, a CO2 tank, a loading hopper, and an easy-to-operate gun. Most beginner-level markers can be upgraded, and every gun from this selection packs a punch.


More advanced players should select products with a higher rate of fire, more power and more accuracy. Along with smart teammates and a winning strategy, you'll emerge victorious from your next skirmish. Pistol-style markers for paintball are a great accessory to bring along with your standard design. Pistols are ideal for close combat in the woods or indoor skirmishes where spaces are tight and distances are short.

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