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Predator & Varmint Calls


Get an edge on your next hunt with a predator or varmint call from Field & Stream. Whether you're hunting coyotes, foxes or another type of animal, you'll find the call you need here. Choose from the brands you trust, like DUEL Game Calls', Flextone', Primos' and more.

Plus, check out our selection of predator and varmint decoys, and stop into your local Field & Stream store to stock up on ammo or pick out a new varmint rifle.

Buying Considerations

There are two main types of predator calls: electronic calls and hand & mouth calls.

Electronic Calls

Electronic predator calls are essentially portable speakers that include pre-programmed calls'everything from howls and barks to yips and fights. Electronic calls are loud, carrying the calls over long distances.

Hand & Mouth Calls

The advantage of hand & mouth calls over electronic calls is their lightweight portability'they can easily be carried in your pocket or bag. With a little practice, hand & mouth calls can be very effective.

Distress calls are also an effective option, as they are designed to mimic the sounds of wounded prey.

Quick Tips

Most predators, especially coyotes, have exceptional eyesight. They will carefully scope out the source of your calls, so make sure you are thoroughly concealed in camo clothing.