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Rangefinders For Your Hunt


A rangefinder can be an invaluable tool on the hunt, letting you know the exact distance to your target. At Field & Stream, you�ll find top- performing rangefinders for your hunting tradition, whether you prefer bow hunting, rifle hunting or both. Choose from premier brands like Leupold�, Nikon�, Bushnell� and more.

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Buying Considerations

It will help to understand the following terms to make sure you get the rangefinder that�s right for you:

  • Magnification: Basically, this is amount of times an image is magnified through the rangefinder. A magnification around 6x or 7x is perfectly adequate.
  • Measurement Range: This describes the maximum distance at which the rangefinder can focus on an object. However, the maximum distance listed usually pertains to perfect conditions�it could be significantly less if the conditions are tough (very bright, rainy, humid, etc.). Consider your hunting conditions and type of hunting. Typically, you�ll be able to spot deer at no less than 75 percent of the maximum measurement range; if the max range is 1,000 yards, for instance, you should be able to focus on a deer at 750 yards despite the conditions.
  • Angular Compensation: One of the most useful features of a rangefinder is its ability to compensate for shots across uneven terrain or from unusual angles�like a shot from a treestand. Most rangefinders come with this technology, though it will be called different things depending on the manufacturer. Simply put, make sure your rangefinder has this feature, and don�t be shy about using it in the field