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Three D Perch Rigs
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Three D Perch Rigs

$2.49 - $2.99

P-Line Sabiki Hage Rig
    P-Line Sabiki Hage Rig


    WAS: $4.99*

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    Head out for a successful day of fishing with bait rigs from Field & Stream. Few things are as important to your success as an angler as what's on the end of your line. These expertly engineered fishing rigs are designed to display multiple baited hooks to passing prey. Choose from a variety of types including doubled-up rigs that allow for casting multiple crank lures at once, bass rigs that feature a durable leader, several hooks, and a sinker attachment, and top and bottom rigs that allow you to float bait at slightly different depths.

    Manufactured by some of the industry's most well-respected brands, this is must-have gear for any angler's tackle box. Upgrade to bass fishing rigs from this assortment, and discover the difference the right equipment can make.

    Don't let that trophy catch get away. Use high-quality fishing line from Field & Stream.

    Though every rig for fishing from Field & Stream is manufactured from top-quality materials, there are some major differences between designs. For starters, consider what kind of fish is the most desirable, or fun to pursue, in your area. Talk to other anglers and find out what they're using. Rigs that rest on the bottom might not work well in certain environments, especially in an area that's home to crabs, or other scavengers. Jigs take the right amount of finessing, but can be effective in this situation.

    Where you fish is equally important. Try different locations until your find your sweet spot. A successful day fishing is all about choosing the right place to cast your lure.

    In the market for a new rod? Browse an incredible collection of popular preassembled rod & reel combos at Field & Stream today.