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Shooting Ear Protection


Without the proper ear protection, firing a gun can potentially cause long-term hearing loss. Take care of your ears at the range or on the hunt with shooting ear protection from Field & Stream. Whether you prefer earmuffs or ear plugs, you�ll find the style you need, including a great selection of electronic ear protection to help you identify far-away prey. Choose hearing protection from the best brands, including Walker�s Game Ear�, Howard Leight� and more.

For total protection, choose a combo package that comes with both ear and eye protection, or check out our entire selection of shooting glasses to ensure you stay safe every time you head out.

Buying Considerations

Field & Stream carries three main types of ear protection for shooting: passive ear plugs, passive earmuffs and electronic earmuffs.

Passive ear plugs are the small, foam ear plugs that you insert into your ear canal. The benefits of passive ear plugs are affordability and reusability.

Passive earmuffs generally provide the same amount of protection as ear plugs. However, some may find them more comfortable, as they cover the ear rather than apply pressure within the ear canal.

Electronic Earmuffs

Sound-activated compression allows you to hear ambient sound�such as the voice of your shooting instructor�but will immediately, reduce the sound of your gun when fired. Electronic ear protection can also amplify far-off sounds, often up to 30 yards, providing an edge in hunting situations.

Quick Tips

Pay attention to the Noise-Reduction Rating (NRR). This measurement describes the amount of harmful decibels (dB) your ear protection will block out. Look for an NRR of at least 25dB.

Also, consider wearing ear plugs and earmuffs together to get the ultimate protection when shooting.