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Lure In Your Prey With Avian-X Decoys


Browse this amazing selection of Avian-X� decoys from Field & Stream. Lure in a gobbler with lifelike hen and jake turkey decoys, or strategically position Avian-X duck decoys and fool your target into landing right in your crosshairs. Geese won't be able to resist premium Avian-X goose decoys from this collection.

In this fantastic line, you'll find hunting decoys that are detailed and natural-looking, lightweight and easy to carry, and made from durable materials. Whether you hunt a few weekends a year with friends and family, or spend every waking hour of free time sitting in the hunter's blind patiently waiting, you know the value of field-tough equipment that's made for life in the wilderness. Shop today and find the right lures for your prey.

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Buying Considerations

Purchasing turkey, goose or waterfowl decoys is a fairly straightforward affair. What's more difficult is figuring out the best way to place them. Duck designs are expertly engineered to float realistically in a small pond or marsh. Other types of artificial birds can be arranged on dry land.

Place decoys at a distance where you feel confident hitting your prey, but are far enough away to avoid easy detection. Make sure you leave enough space for fowl to land nearby. You may have better luck on sunny days, since shadows make it harder for birds to see detail.

Talk to other hunters and find out what works for them. It can be tricky to coax a secret tip out of an older hunter, but in the end it will pay dividends.

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