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If your binoculars just aren't quite getting the job done, get a closer look at game with a spotting scope from Field & Stream. With a spotting scope, you can observe game animals from great distances without fear of scaring them off. They are also great tools for nature watching, especially birding. Shop the best brands at Field & Stream, including Barska�, Vortex� and more.

Buying Considerations

Before buying your spotting scope, consider the following factors:

  • Magnification: On, spotting scopes are typically shown with two numbers separated by an �x� (ex: 48x60). The number to the left of the �x� is the magnification, or how many times an object is magnified when looking through the lens. The magnification may be fixed or variable. A scope with a variable magnification of 15-45x will make an object appear 15 to 45 times closer than the naked eye.

  • Objective Diameter: The number to the right of the �x� is the objective lens size (if the scope is listed as 48x60, the objective diameter is 60). The larger the objective diameter, the more light enters the scope and thus the brighter the image will be.

  • Field of View: This describes the maximum distance you can see from side to side, typically measured at 1,000 yards. Any range from 50 to 150 feet is typically adequate when scoping out game at medium or long distances.

  • Close Focus: Also called �near focus,� this describes how close you can get to your target and still see it clearly.

Take time to think about how you�ll be using the scope, especially if you�re hunting�you�ll want a compact, lightweight scope that you�ll be able to pack and carry across long distances.

To get the best performance from your spotting scope over the long haul, look for one with a waterproof/fogproof construction.