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Shop the great selection of wading boots from Field & Stream and navigate slick surfaces with ease. Browse wader boots from top brands you trust, like Korkers�, Simms�, Redington� and more. Get the traction you need to safely traverse river bottoms and the wet trails you encounter en route to your favorite fishing spots. Choose from wading boots with the following sole types:

  • Felt sole
  • Felt studded
  • Sticky rubber
  • Sticky rubber-felt
  • Sticky rubber-studded

Need more protection from wet conditions? Check out the full selection of wading fishing gear at Field & Stream.

For the best experience, make sure your wading boots have the following features.

  • Ankle support: When walking across unstable surfaces, an unexpected slip is almost inevitable. Look for boots with extra padding around the collar and reinforced heels that will keep your ankles from turning.
  • Drainage system: Make sure your wader boots are designed to let water out. Otherwise, you'll be lugging around excess moisture and weight, which will slow you down and wear you out.
  • Sewn Tongue: Look for a tongue that is sewn to the sides of the boot. This will help block out debris.
  • You'll also need to choose between felt or rubber soles.

    The beauty of felt-soled wading boots is the pliability and movement they offer from the start. There's little to no "breaking in" period with these shoes since they are quite soft and flexible from the beginning.

    Rubber soles offer sturdiness and durability, and they are the ideal choice if you often hike rugged terrain to reach your fishing spot.

    If you're trekking across particularly hazardous terrain or wading in fast-moving water, go with studded wading boots for added protection.

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