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Attract more birds on your next hunt with lifelike waterfowl decoys from Field & Stream. Shop the best brands, like MOJO Outdoors�, Hard Core�, Flambeau�, Avian-X� and more.

Choose from the most popular breeds, including Black Duck, Blue Bill, Blue-Winged Teal, Pintail, Green-Winged Teal, Mallard, Widgeon, Canada Goose, and Snow/Blue Goose.

Pair your decoys with the perfect waterfowl call, and stay concealed throughout the hunt with a trusted duck blind.

Buying Considerations

Make sure you purchase enough waterfowl decoys to make a realistic-looking spread�most experts agree you can�t have too many. Details are key to getting birds to land, so pay close attention the quality of the paint job.

Consider adding a �confidence� decoy to your set up�these are decoys specifically made to put ducks at ease and encourage them to land. The Canada Goose is one of the most popular confidence decoys.

Feeding decoys can also be very effective. The heads of feeding decoys bob down in the water, putting the bottom of the decoy up in the air as a signal to birds that food is close by.

Quick Tips

Make sure you put enough distance between the decoys in your spread. Four feet is usually enough to make the decoys like lifelike and relaxed.