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Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus Scent Deer Lure

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Made from pure doe-in-heat urine, the Buck Bomb® Doe In Estrus Deer Lure will mask your scent and drive bucks toward your location. The far-reaching cloud leaves an attractive scent trail that will lead bucks to your favorite hunting spot while masking your presence. Spray short bursts or release the whole can, either way, the Doe In Estrus Deer Lure will bring you game.


  • Pure doe-in-heat urine
  • Spray can travel up to a 1/4 mile
  • Spray in short bursts or lock down the nozzle to release the whole can
  • Leaves a scent trail
  • Masks your scent
  • 180° valve for spraying in any direction
  • Size: 6.65 oz.
  • Model: MM-BB-DE-33
  • Country of Origin : United States of America
  • Brand : Buck Bomb
  • SKU: 14956009

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