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The Clam® Time Bomb Spoon adds an elusive sound that fish know well. The clicking, ticking sound of prey moving along bottom. The Time Bomb is a fast-dropping bait with an amazing array of attractions. It features a brass element that clicks against the other components for an attractive glow.


  • Lead spoon
  • Compact but noisy bait delivery device
  • Imitates crawfish crawling on the rocks or a struggling minnow
  • Fish hear it with their lateral lines and move in
  • Glowing epoxy treble with down facing Swarovski gem eye for up-feeding fish
  • Unique bomb profile fish have not seen
  • Go-to small profile bait for pressured fish
  • Natural bug paint pattern with dark back and light belly
  • Custom fire tiger bar pattern
  • Species: Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Crappie
  • Bait with: Minnow Head, Eurolarvae, Waxi, Spike
  • 1/20 oz. Hook Size: 10
  • 1/50 oz. Hook Size: 14
  • Web ID: 16CLOUCVRDRP14150FIC

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