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Hornady A-TIP Match Rifle Bullet – 100 Rounds

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Product Information

Tip Design

  • Precision machined aluminum tip is longer than polymer tips to move the center of gravity and enhance inflight stability
  • Aeroballistically advanced tip design for tighter groups and reduced drag variability
  • Ideal blend of ogive, tip length, bearing surface and optimized boattail by caliber


  • Doppler radar verified low drag coefficient (high BC) bullets are forgiving of twist rate, seating depth and muzzle velocity.
  • Leading uniformity and concentricity


  • Right off the press – sequentially packaged, one clone after another for consistent performance
  • Minimal handling throughout manufacturing process ensures consistency from bullet to bullet
  • Packaged with a polishing bag to prepare bullets for loading (bullets aren’t bulk washed after manufacture)
  • Pack Qty: 200 rounds

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