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Hornady Unprimed Cases - .30-30 Win

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The Hornady® Unprimed 30-30 Winchester® Shell Case is ideal for any hunter who likes to make their own ammunition. These high-quality shell casings are designed and engineered to precise tolerances that consistently give you the best results. The casings have a uniform case wall thickness to help improve accuracy, while the tight concentricity helps ensure proper bullet seating for optimal velocity with every shot.


  • Engineered to precise tolerances for best results
  • Uniform case wall thickness for improved accuracy
  • Ensures smooth-feeding and positive chambering
  • Tight wall concentricity ensures proper bullet seating for optimal velocity and accuracy
  • Made for 30-30 Win. Calibers
  • Model: 0814695
    • Web ID: 15JSCUHRCS3030WNNGUA
    • SKU: 15950379

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