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Hornady .44 Special-44 Mag .430 3-Die Set


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The Hornady® .44 Special-44 Mag .430 3-Die Set is designed to provide a lifetime of smooth, efficient reloading. The .44 Special 3-Die Set features a standard seating die, standard expanding die, and straight wall sizing die. The Zip Spindle™ design locks in order to eliminate slippage and moves up or down for large movements and incremental adjustments. Reload easier than ever before using the Hornady .44 Special-44 Mag .430 3-Die Set.


  • Zip Spindle design locks to prevent slippage and moves up or down to make incremental changes
  • Precision machined to a smooth finish
  • Sure-Loc&trade rings clamp entire die to hold it in place
  • Elliptical expander provides smooth neck sizing and reduces friction
  • In-Line Bullet Seating System holds the bullet, case neck, and seating stem in alignment
  • Model: 546548
  • SKU: 15822216

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