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Leland 85-Piece Neon Trout Magnet Kit


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Bring a mix of variety to your tackle box with the Leland® 85-Piece Neon Trout Magnet Kit. This kit includes 10 Mealworm Gold, 10 Bubblegum, 10 Opaque Chartreuse, 10 Chartreuse/Orange, 10 Black/Green, 10 Pink and 10 White magnet lures. These bright popular colors help you to prepare for any fishing condition. For best results, the Trout Magnet body should be tight to the shad-dart jig head, with the hook coming out the split of the tail.


  • 10 Mealworm gold
  • 10 Bubblegum
  • 10 Opaque chartreuse
  • 10 Chartreuse/orange
  • 10 Black/green
  • 10 Pink
  • 10 White
  • 1/64 oz. size-8 hooks


  • Bright popular colors perfect for any fishing condition
  • A collection of some of the best neon body colors for trout baits
  • Full range of magnet options for anglers
  • Includes 85 pieces of Trout Magnet lures
  • 64 oz. Size 8 Hooks: 5 Gold, 5 Black, and 5 Silver
  • Model: 87659
  • SKU: 12844737

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