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Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ Jighead

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Add the Z-Man® ShroomZ Jighead to your tackle box to enhance your Midwest finesse fishing experience. This jighead features a custom wire keeper that is welded onto the hook shank to make rigging easy and to securely hold the bait. Paired with the extreme durability of 10X Tough ElaZtech, this jighead will withstand those tough predators. Its mushroom-shaped head blends perfectly into finesse baits such as the Finesse TRD™, Finesse ShadZ™, TRD TubeZ™ and Hula StickZ™. Built with a premium, high carbon black nickel hook, the Z-Man ShroomZ is a quality jighead that will help you catch your trophy fish.


  • Designed for Midwest finesse style fishing (Ned Rig)
  • Custom wire keeper is welded directly to the hook shank to make rigging easy and holds bait securely
  • Mushroom-shaped head blends into finesse baits
  • Premium, high-carbon black nickel hook
  • Pack Qty: 5

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