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Braided Fishing Line

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Learn More About Braided Fishing Line


Known for its impressive strength and toughness, braided line is a popular choice for many anglers. At Field & Stream, you’ll find a great selection of braided fishing line from top brands like Berkley®, PowerPro®, Spiderwire® and more.

Buying Considerations

What advantages does braided line offer? First off, it has a thin diameter than does not sacrifice strength. The thinner line provides better feel on strikes, but keep in mind that it may be harder to work than monofilament and other types of line. It is also stiffer and less stretchy than mono, but that actually works to your advantage, providing benefits like:

  • Solid hooksets
  • More control when working a lure
  • Improved action
  • Better performance in vegetation and other cover

Braided line is often the preferred line for trolling, as its smaller diameter allows it to go much deeper in the water than other types of line. It is also a popular choice when fishing jerkbaits.

Quick Tips

Because of braided line’s higher visibility, anglers often try to conceal the line by attaching a short leader of monofilament or fluorocarbon.