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Compound Bows

27 Products
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Learn More About Compound Bows


Whether you’re a hunter or competitive shooter, you’ll find the right compound bow at Field & Stream. Choose the bow that best fits your purposes—Field & Stream’s collection of compound bows features a great variety of sizes, speeds, colors and camo patterns from top archery brands like Diamond®, Bear Archery®, Barnett® and more.

 Shop some of the best compound bows of 2017:

  • Bear Archery Cruzer X Compound Bow Package
  • Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow
  • Bear Archery Youth Apprentice III RTH Compound Bow Package

Stock up on archery accessories like arrows, broadheads and all of the essentials you need to get set for the season.


Buying Considerations

Choosing a bow largely comes down to personal preference, but there are a few key considerations that will help you get the right fit.

  • Axle-To-Axle: Many hunters prefer a lightweight bow with a short axle-to-axle (ATA) length to help maneuver the bow through the woods, in and out of treestands, etc.
  • Draw Length: You can find your ideal draw length at home. Start by measuring your “wingspan”—stand with your arms fully extended on each side and measure across your body from one middle-finger tip to the other. Take that figure and divide it by 2.5, and you have your draw length. Be aware, a draw length that’s too long or too short will adversely affect your accuracy.
  • Draw Weight: Some shooters are tempted to choose a heavier bow to increase power, but comfort is key. Choose a draw weight that takes about 75% of your strength to shoot—this will help you stay on target and avoid fatigue. Draw weight really comes down to the individual—experience, strength and personal preference are key.
  • Speed: The standard speed for modern compound bows is around 300 FPS. All IBO speeds are calculated according to the exact same standards: 70-pound draw weight, 30-inch draw length and 350-grain arrow weight. Keep in mind, unless your bow meets these exact specifications, your actual speed will be less than the featured IBO speed.

Quick Tips

Brace yourself: A 7-inch brace height is standard, but don’t be afraid to go shorter—you’ll actually get more speed and the same accuracy.

Speaking of accuracy, if it’s not quite where you want it, try shooting without a grip. Going “gripless” is just the adjustment some shooters need.