Fishing Reels

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Whether you’re going for trout or trolling the deep sea for a trophy, you’ll find the fishing reel you need at Field & Stream. Browse reels from the best fishing brands, including Shimano®, Shakespeare®, Abu Garcia®, Quantum and more.

At Field & Stream, you’ll find the perfect reel for your skill level, fishing destination and target species. Choose from:

  • Spincast Reels: Ideal for beginners, these reels feature a simple design that feeds line through a port on top of an enclosed spool. You just click the thumb button to release the line when casting. If you need a reel for a child, go with spincast or check out our kids' fishing poles.

  • Spinning Reels: Effective and easy to operate, spinning reels are a popular choice among experienced and casual fishermen alike. Spinning reels are great for long casts with lightweight and live baits.

  • Baitcasting Reels: Preferred by many experienced anglers, baitcasting reels are built for heavier lures and large fish.

  • Fly Fishing Reels: Cast your pattern perfectly with our great selection of fly fishing reels from top brands like Redington®, St. Croix®, Sage® and our own line of Field & Stream fly reels.

  • Ice Fishing Reels: Built to withstand harsh cold-weather conditions, our selection of ice fishing reels will help you present your bait like a pro.
  • Looking for more? Check out our entire selection of fishing gear.

Buying Considerations

Think about the type of baits and lures you use. Spinning reels are a great choice for smaller baits, while baitcaster reels are the better option for heavier tackle.

Get the gear ratio you need. The gear ratio represents the number of times the spool spins with one crank of the handle. A fishing reel with a low gear ratio, like 4:1, will be easier to crank but will retrieve the line more slowly than a reel with a high gear ratio, such as 7:1. Reels with high gear ratios are ideal for retrieving lures that rely on speed.

If you’re fishing in the ocean, go with a saltwater reel. These reels are specially designed to resist the corrosive effects of salt water.

Make sure the reel you choose is a good match for your fishing rod. Double-check the line-strength recommended for your rod, and get a reel that meets the same specifications. Or, take the guesswork out of the process by choosing a rod and reel combo.