Fishing Waders & Vests

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When you’re fishing, the last thing you want is water seeping through your gear. You need dependable equipment that will keep you dry and comfortable all day. At Field & Stream, you’ll find waders, boots, vests, jackets and more gear that will help you accomplish your angling goals. Choose from the best brands, including Simms®, ProLine®, Korkers® and more.

Unsure which type of gear you need for your fishing conditions? Learn a bit more about the different options available at Field & Stream.


  • Chest Waders: If you plan to go deep into the water, chest waders are the right choice. Plus, chest waders ensure you’re covered if you have an unexpected fall or step into a steep drop-off.
  • Waist-High Waders: Waist-high waders look like a standard pair of pants, providing less coverage than chest waders but plenty of protection when wading into shallow water. Because they leave your torso exposed, waist-high waders are often the right choice when fishing in warmer weather.
  • Hip Waders: Hip waders look like an extended pair of boots that cover most of the thigh. They are ideal for small streams.


Wading boots are specifically designed to stick to surfaces you’re sure to encounter on the bottom of a stream or river. Wading boots typically feature either a felt or rubber outsole; felt may offer better traction, while rubber is a bit more durable and easier to clean. Look for boots that provide ample ankle support and superior traction. Quality wading boots will shed water rather than retaining it.


A quality fishing vest can eliminate the hassle of fumbling with equipment on the water. Vests conveniently keep you gear within reach. Look for a vest with ample pocket space and a quality construction.


When the water runs cold in the winter and early spring, a wading jacket becomes an essential piece of gear. Some of the most important features to look for are cuffs that will prevent icy water from finding its way in, an insulated lining, a waterproof shell and a protective hood.

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