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Fly Fishing Rods

22 Products
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Learn More About Fly Fishing Rods


Get the perfect fly fishing rod at Field & Stream. Choose from a great selection of top fly rods from the best brands, like Redington®, Sage®, St. Croix®, Fenwick® and more. Whether you’re targeting trout at your favorite stream or going for saltwater game fish, you’ll find the rod you need here.

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Buying Considerations

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when choosing a fly rod.


Weight rating is the key consideration for choosing the right fly fishing rod. Here is a general guide for some of the most popular species targeted by fly anglers:

  • 1 – 3 WT: Panfish; brook trout
  • 4 WT: Medium-sized trout
  • 5 – 6 WT: All trout; average-sized bass
  • 7 WT: All bass; large trout; steelhead; small to medium-sized salmon
  • 8 WT: Bonefish
  • 10 WT: Permit; small tarpon; barracuda
  • 12 WT: Tarpon

For best results, the fly line weight you use should match your rod’s weight rating.


You’ll essentially want to choose fly rod length based on your surroundings. Go with a shorter rod between 6 – 8 feet if you’re fishing a small stream—this will give you added control and maneuverability. When fishing in more open areas where longer casts may be required, look for an 8-10 foot rod. The 9-foot fly rod is arguably the most versatile choice.


Action describes how flexible the fly rod is. Use the following points to select the action you need:

  • Fast Action: This describes a fly rod that bends mostly in the tip on the backcast. The stiffness of fast-action fly rods provides added power, making them ideal for long casts. When fishing in a tight space, a fast-action rod may not be the best option.
  • Moderate/Moderate Fast: Moderate rods will bend down to the middle of the rod on the backcast; moderate-fast rods will be a little more stiff. Moderate-action rods are quite versatile and perform well in a wide variety of fishing environments. Moderate action is the most popular option for trout fishing.
  • Slow Action: Slow-action fly rods offer maximum flexibility. On the backcast, a slow-action rod will bend almost down to the handle. These rods are ideal for targeting small fish in small streams. Slow-action rods are the most forgiving, making them a good choice for a beginner to learn with.