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Hunting Waders

8 Products
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Learn More About Hunting Waders


Quality duck waders are essential for serious waterfowl hunters. At Field & Stream, you’ll find camo waders from the very best brands, including Drake®, LaCrosse®, Pro Line® and more.

You need waders that will keep water out no matter what. Look for reinforcements like sealed seams and kneepads—nothing can ruin your day on the pond like a puncture or tear. Think about the conditions in which you’ll be hunting. At Field & Stream, you’ll find neoprene waders with between 3—5mm of thickness—the thicker the better if you hunt in cold weather. Breathable waders are ideal for milder weather, as they’ll keep you warm and dry without causing you to overheat.

Make sure the boots will provide enough insulation to keep your feet warm. Remember to look for any extras you’d like to have, like a hand-warmer pocket or shell loops.

Don’t forget about what you’ll wear under your hunting waders. Good socks are crucial—go with wool for the best results. Look heat-retaining thermal underwear to keep your legs nice and toasty.