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Jig Heads

108 Products
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Product Selection

Shop a large collection of jig baits from Field & Stream and add a new weapon to your tackle box. An adaptable jig head can land you a trophy-worthy bass in anywhere from a few feet of water to the deepest part of the lake. Often considered one of the most versatile lures available, jigs can attract a wide variety of species in various fishing conditions.

The best fishing jigs available at Field & Stream include:

  • Fish Head® Weedless Spin Jig Head
  • Leland’s® Crappie Magnet Pop-Eye Jigs
  • Strike King® Bitsy Bug Mini Jig
  • SPRO® Prime Bucktail Saltwater Jigs
  • Owner® Ultrahead Shaky Jig Head

Fishing jigs from this selection are available in a range of styles. Choose from simple heads and designs that feature soft bait, tails, and bodies shaped to look like baitfish. Jigging is part science, part art. Select the perfect place to drop your lure and work your magic. Feel a nibble, set your hook, and be prepared to reel in a record-setting catch.

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