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Kayak Seats

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Learn More About Kayak Seats

Product Selection

Find a wide selection of high-quality canoe and kayak seats from Field & Stream. The latest seats are foam or EVA covered with fabric that wipes clean and dries quickly. This style of seat typically has some adjustable pieces, allowing for optimum comfort for the rower, even when on the water for a long duration. Solid plastic seats are another option but dry slowly, so take that into consideration when choosing seats for your boat. Kayak seat pads offer some softness and shock absorption in a boat and are especially beneficial for those on more aggressive waters.

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Buying Considerations

Low-slung seats offer the benefit of a low center of gravity. This means you are not experiencing a large shift in the weight of the boat throughout your activities. Many boaters like the ease of moving around with slightly higher canoe seats. It is a personal preference and there are many options for both types. Newer foam-style seats offer lumbar and back support that make it easier for rowers of all ages to extend the time they spend in their boat. Webbed seats offers the same benefits of cane with less maintenance work and a longer life.

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Quick Tips

Kayak back-rest options have become more popular in recent years. While the backrest does reduce strain and weight on the lower back, they can become cumbersome for some rowers. For children or those new to canoeing, backrests can be a great addition that makes the job easier overall. Always choose a seat that drains. There's nothing worse than spending a day on the water, while sitting in the water, which is uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation if done for a long duration. Seat position is also important and depends on the height of the person when they are sitting in the boat.

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