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Meat Smokers & Accessories

88 Products
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Learn More About Meat Smokers & Accessories

Product Selection

Grab a meat smoker and join the world of DIY people all over the globe making an art out of BBQ. Shop smokers for sale at Field & Stream and see the best brands on the market all in one place.

Try a BBQ smoker and see how you can make beef, pork and chicken take on delicious smoky flavors depending on the wood chips you use and how long you opt to smoke the protein. We have all of the accessories you need to take your smoking game to the next level for family and friend get-togethers that will have everyone raving about your BBQ skills.

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Buying Considerations

Smoker grills are the perfect way to cook meat slow and low and come out with fantastic results every time. If you live in an area where smoking meat is a way of life, you want a grill that does double-duty, allowing you to grill traditionally and smoke meat if you choose. Be sure to buy a smoker grill that meets your needs when it comes to the amount of meat you'll smoke on any given session. Most families or people cooking for themselves can work with a standard-sized smoker. This gives you the ability to smoke multiple meats at once and still fits comfortably on a deck or patio. Be sure to invest in the cover to protect your smoker from the elements, including extreme heat, rain or bad weather.

Experiment with the flavor you churn out by trying various wood chips for your smoker. This aroma will greatly bring out the meat's natural flavors and send things in a more savory or more sweet direction. This is the best way to play with flavor profiles and see what suits your taste buds and those of your guests. These wood chips aren't only for meat either. Feel free to use them when grilling vegetables, mushrooms or other less-carnivorous BBQ options to fill out meals.

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