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Traditional Bows

19 Products
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Learn More About Traditional Bows


Looking for a more traditional hunting experience or a unique challenge? You can get just that with a recurve bow from Field & Stream. Find recurve bows for sale from the best brands, including Barnett®, Bear® and more.

Recurve bows, while not as powerful as compound bows, do offer several advantages. Traditional longbows tend to be much lighter than modern bows—a major benefit during long treks through the woods. Because of their simple design, there is no need for tuning, and they are ideal for introducing young shooters to the sport. Despite their slower shooting speeds compared to compounds, most recurves are capable of taking down bucks and other popular game animals. A draw weight of at least 40 pounds is typically recommended for hunting deer, and some hunters prefer at least 45 pounds.

Shop some of the best Recurve bows of 2017:


Whether you're an experienced hunter, or you're looking for the perfect beginner bow, you'll find what you need in this excellent selection of recurve bows from the brands you trust.

Looking for more? Field & Stream also carries a great selection of bow accessories. Shop everything from arrows and broadheads to sights and quivers.